PhD 2005 University of Guelph, BSc 1999 University of Toronto

My research focuses on aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry, specifically investigating the role of Prairie lakes in the global carbon budget, and the effects of anthropogenic activities on lake water quality. I am interested in determining the role of human activities on the water quality in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks and I'm also interested in carbon budgets in prairie lakes and ponds, and how carbon dynamics interact with climate change. 

Current Lab Members

Shaeya Cluff

Shaeya is an undergraduate student in Biology at the University of Regina. She was awarded the FGSR fellowship and will be working in the Finlay lab for the first time in 2019 to do dugout sampling and lab work!

Mackenzie Metz

Mackenzie is an undergraduate student at the University of Regina and is working towards her BSc in Biology with a minor in Anthropology. She worked for our neighbour lab in 2017. She is working in the Finlay lab in 2019 and will be sampling dugouts and doing lab work!

Ryan "I Don't Mind" Rimas

MSc Current at York University and PhD Current at University of Regina

Ryan is a MSc student in Geography from York University. He is currently working to defend his thesis at York and will join the Finlay Lab to complete his PhD. His research interests include the study of carbon dynamics and sediment respiration of shallow freshwater bodies in the subarctic with the hopes in determining whether the bodies of water are carbon sinks or sources, and within-pond spatial and temporal patterns of benthic algae in the Hudson Bay Lowlands.

Erika Helmond

MSc current, BSc 2017 University of Regina


Erika Helmond is an MSc student looking at the ecology and physiology of hotwater Physa in Liard Hotsprings in northern BC.  She is conducting spatial and temporal population studies at the hot springs, and will be conducting laboratory studies on the life history, fecundity, and temperature preferences of Physa life stages.  Erika is co-supervised by Corey Sheffield at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina.

Ann "I Got This" King

Sydney "Lab Mom" Emmons

Ann is an undergraduate student working on her B.A. in Environmental Studies with minors in French and Sociology. She was awarded NSERC grants in the summer of 2018 to work in the Finlay lab to assist with dugout sampling and lab work.

In 2019 she was awarded the NSERC again and will be directing the Citizen Science program as well as assisting with dugout sampling and lab work.

Sydney has a BSc in Environmental Biology with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan and will be starting Graduate studies in the fall with her Honours project was on planktonic phosphorus regeneration on Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan. She is working with the Finlay lab in the summer of 2018 looking into pharmaceuticals and personal care products in streams as well as organizing a project on Prairie Welands and is spending 2019 doing wetland/slough paired sampling for her Masters. 

Lab Alumni

Lauren Thies

Lauren is an undergraduate student who just completed her third year of a B.Sc. in Biology, with plans to complete an honours project. She was awarded an NSERC research award for the summer of 2017. In the Finlay Lab, she is working on a cattail nutrient uptake project while assisting with lake, stream, and dugout sampling.

Corey McCowan

Corey is an undergraduate student who has completed his 5th year of a B.Sc. in Biology, with plans to complete an honours project in the Finlay lab. In the summer of 2016, he worked part time in the Finlay lab sampling lakes and working on the cattail project. Last summer he worked on his honours project which focused on endangered snails in Northern British Columbia hot springs, while also assisting with lake and dugout sampling.

Jessica Bos

Jess recently graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Ecology & Environmental Biology from the U of R. During her undergrad she spent 8 months working on Citizen Science and Dissolved Organic Carbon projects in the Finlay lab. Jess was awarded an NSERC research award for the summer of 2017. In the Finlay Lab, she is working on the Citizen Science Lake Monitoring Pilot Project while assisting with lake, stream, and dugout sampling.

Tiffany Blampied

Tiffany recently graduated graduated with her BSc in Biology in 2017 and is currently finishing up my second BSc in Environmental Geoscience. She worked in the Finlay lab from 2016 to 2017 as a field and lab research assistant. She assisted in setting up the Finlay lab and collecting lake and dugout samples.

Dr. Jackie Webb

PhD 2017, B Env Sc 2014 Southern Cross University

Jackie Webb is a postdoctoral researcher working on the carbon and GHG balance of agricultural dugouts in Saskatchewan. Jackie recently completed her PhD at Southern Cross University in Australia where she studied carbon cycling in agricultural floodplains. Her research interests include integrating carbon cycles between terrestrial and aquatic systems, carbon dioxide and methane biogeochemistry in fresh to coastal waters, hydrology and groundwater tracing, greenhouse gas fluxes, and stable isotopes. 

Willow "The Engineer" Bellisle

Willow is a science teacher whose specialties include tinkering, "McGyvering", and engineering things around the lab. She was also the coordinator for the Citizen Science Program in 2018 and implemented the monitoring of Aquatic Invasive Species in the 6 lakes across Saskatchewan.

"Engineering is just admitting when you're wrong and returning things to Lowe's" -Willow Bellisle

© 2017 Kerri Finlay

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