Community-Based Water Monitoring 


What is Community-Based Water Monitoring?

—CBWM involves volunteers working in partnership with professional researchers, often with a focus on environmental monitoring.

—Volunteer scientists collect samples & data that can be used to monitor environmental change and patterns on a local or large-scale level.


We are partnering with Water Rangers to provide the tools and training for citizen scientists to sample for water quality. This information can improve management decisions about the lakes that are sampled - in return the lakes can continue to be used for recreation.

Why Monitor Lakes?

—Saskatchewan lakes face a range of water quality issues, including:

Algal blooms, cyanobacterial toxins, browning, temperature changes, turbidity, and invasive species.

—All of these factors can degrade lake water quality, which can result in both environmental and economical consequences.

Get Involved!!
We are looking for volunteers to sample lakes and rivers across Saskatchewan. If you can get out on the water to sample at least once per month, from May-Sept, and would like to contribute, please fill out the form below!

Thanks for submitting! We will be selecting volunteers to ensure broad sampling across the province. We will inform everyone by mid-March whether they have been chosen to be a CBWM volunteer for 2021.

Invasive Species

Invasive species: any species that are not native to an ecosystem and are likely to cause harm upon introduction to a new ecosystem.

Preventing aquatic invasive species from entering new lakes and waterbodies in Canada is everyone's responsibility. Golden Rule for aquatic invasive species prevention: Clean + Drain + Dry

Our Volunteers are monitoring for invasive species this year using lab-built, submersed samplers.

Aquatic Invasive Species Resources:

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