Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?

—Citizen science involves volunteers working in partnership with professional researchers, often with a focus on environmental monitoring.

—Citizen scientists collect samples & data that can be used to monitor environmental change and patterns on a local or large-scale level.


The data collected by citizen scientists can provide important information that can improve management decisions about the lakes that are sampled - in return the lakes can continue to be used for recreation.

Why Monitor Lakes?

—Saskatchewan lakes face a range of water quality issues, including:

Algal blooms, cyanobacterial toxins, brownification, temperature changes, turbidity, and invasive species.

—All of these factors can degrade lake water quality, which can result in both environmental and economical consequences.

How-to Videos

Temperature and pH
 Secchi Depth
Water Collection

Invasive Species

Invasive species: any species that are not native to an ecosystem and are likely to cause harm upon introduction to a new ecosystem.

Preventing aquatic invasive species from entering new lakes and waterbodies in Canada is everyone's responsibility. Golden Rule for aquatic invasive species prevention: Clean + Drain + Dry

Our Volunteers are monitoring for invasive species this year using lab-built, submersed samplers.

Aquatic Invasive Species Resources:

Saskatchewan Invasive Species Monitoring data entry 

Government of Saskatchewan - Ministry of Environment

Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council

DFO - Aquatic Invasive Species

DFO - What You Can Do to Reduce the Risks

Citizen Science Resources

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